This is a WONDERFUL EVENT that will leave a mark on our lives and will be a blessing to the World. Organization Kinich Ahau invites you to the wonderful event of the "MAYAN NEW YEAR 2014: 10 OC"!


Every Mayan New Year the Mayan Solar Tradition moves to different places in the world, to the point where the energy that enters in each start of cycle be magnified with greater power. This year it is the turn for the Country of the Rising Sun!


Join this trip to the Eastern Lands of Japan

and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experience!!


::: Next, we share why it is Japan for this 2014 year:

"Venerable Grandmother NAH KIN has felt resonating within the transcendental importance of opening the seal of the Mayan New Year 10 OC (Dog), the Manifestation of Pure Love, in the mythical lands of Japan; where the delicate cherry blossom opens, the atmosphere is perfumed by an exquisite spirituality, where the healthy soul and the purest feelings flourish in our hearts.


The magical places of Japan are true vortices of spiritual energy, power centers where it is received the Pristina Energy of the Superior Spheres, facilitating that everyone be able to enter a truly sublime dimension of TRANSCENDENTAL LOVE.


This MAYAN NEW YEAR, we have to be coated with the Virginal Purity of our Primordial Being. Sites like shrines at the foot of Mount Fuji, the sacred mountains and sanctuaries of the ancient Japan, are the places where the Superior Intelligence that guides our steps has indicated to us that the maximum power of love shall be exercised.


All attendees will fill ourselves with this extraordinary divine power, and as wonderful beings, we will extend this beautiful energy to all mankind.


Our Venerable Grandmother, leader of the Mayan Solar Tradition, has a deep relationship with the mysticism of the "Lands of the Rising Sun". She has expressed on many occasions, its intimate communion with these holy places where: "THE SOUL HEALS AND WE REDISCOVER OURSELVES AS GREAT PURITY, BEAUTY AND LIGHT BEINGS".


She has taken great spiritual inspiration in her several visits to Japan, and has deep certainty that the white seal of true LOVE, OC, has to be opened in these latitudes to produce a transformer-healing effect in humans; it is the indicated point of injection of the transcendental power of LOVE that will bring a global benefit to Planet Earth.


It is important that each BEING feel the call inside, that he takes a deep breathe and enter his dwelling inside, where he is truly wise and perceptive... from there, he will feel like a powerful magnet that attracts him to these magical places to carry out the works of light that he deserves to achieve here and now for his own good and for the good of all Mankind".




It is a Tour or Mystic-Sacred Journey of 7 days to be held on July 23 to 29, 2014, within the framework of the celebration of the MAYAN NEW YEAR 10 OC, joining other 4 days of tourist travel in the capital of the nation: Tokyo.


On 23rd we will start the Tour in the area of Kyoto, where we will start our TRAINING AS GUARDIANS OF THE WATER: Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin will provide knowledge that allows us to enter into spiritual communion with the water. Retrieve the mystical affinity with the purified, transformer and healing power of water. She will share with us how to encode water with solar qualities and the codes of the New Time, how to make Moon Water, how to work with Vibrational Water, besides guiding meditations, breathing and different practices in the sacred places that we visit during the Tour.


Throughout the event we will be doing various rituals and ceremonies where the Water is involved, that will allow us to do work for personal healing and healing for the entire planet. We will visit shrines, both Buddhist and Shinto. We will visit sacred mountains, Zen gardens, historical sites, hot springs. We are planning a truly enriching visit, by the spiritual depth of the work to perform and to experience magical spaces filled with a mystical, deeply healing and transformative atmosphere.


During these days we will be integrating the essential Mayan Code that the seal 10 OC brings to us, "The Superior Manifestation of True, Pure and Transcendental LOVE". All the training as "Guardians of the Water ", Meditations and Teachings will be developed within the most pure frequency of love, rising our mind and heart to the planes of light, where we can see very clearly the greatness of DIVINE LOVE.


In solemn ceremony on July 29 we will hand in to the attendees the diploma that recognizes them as Guardians of the Water signed by the Solar Mayan tradition, through its spiritual leader, Venerable Grandmother NAH KIN.


This is a journey that will allow us to harmonize our Being with the serene stillness of the Crystal Waters; recovering the freshness of our original Being and authentic beauty of our light Being.



After 7 days of mystic-spiritual travel, we will have another 4 days in Tokyo to enjoy tourism in the capital of Japan. The Teacher Shantal Carrillo offers it, Heiress of the Mayan Solar Tradition and general manager of Kinich Ahau Organization, who mastered the English and Japanese languages and has made multiple visits to interesting sites of Japan. We will be guided on a Tour by famous, wonderful and interesting, sacred and tourist places, both for knowing, living, shopping, and collect unique memories in the main cities of Japan.



July 22

*Arrival of the attendees to the airport of Narita during the morning through midday.

*Departure from the airport of Narita to Kyoto around 4pm.


July 23

9am to 2pm- Training as Guardians of Water.

*Evening- Kinkaku-ji Temple, the Golden Pavillion.

*Night- Tour to Gion neighborhood and Shijo Avenue.


July 24

*Nijo Castle

* Kiyomizudera Temple


July 25

*Amaterasu Sanctuary in Ise.


July 26

*Mayan New Year 10 OC Ceremony at Monte Fuji Sanctuary


July 27

*Spring Waters at Ito, in a Ryokan in an ancient japanese style.


July 28

*Visit to Kamakura, old capital of Japan:

Daibutsu (Giant Buda)

Hasedera Temple

Eungakuji Temple


July 29

*Eastern Gardens of the Imperial Palace.

*Biggest Buddhist Temple in Tokio: Senso-ji.

Hand in of diploma as "Guardian of Water" End of Spiritual Tour.






July 31




August 1

*Edo-Tokyo Museum



August 2

*Meiji Sanctuary





(Paid in foreign currency, not its equivalency)

$1500 dollars or 1500€ euros



In order to book in this beautiful trip, you need to scan and send plane e-ticket or flight confirmation by email, since that indicates surely your attendance. You can send it to the following email address:, with copy to mail:


The cost of the event will be paid at the time we meet in Japan or handed in previously if possible. Both dollars and euros are accepted.



We close registration on Day 19 for the participants of the trip.




* Guardians of the Water Teaching with Venerable Grandmother NAH KIN.

* Mayan New Year 10 OC main Ceremony.

* Lodging during the days of the event.

* 4 tour days around Tokyo.

* Translation Spanish-English, if required.


It is NOT included:

* Plane ticket.

* Lodging during days out of the event.

* Japan Rail Pass for internal transportation in Japan.

* Transportation on subways in Tokyo.

* Tickets for temples and sanctuaries.

* Food and drinks.


The plane ticket must be purchased to arrive at the most on July 22 to Narita Airport, from morning to evening, because we will leave from there to Kyoto. You can arrive days before if you do not get a ticket on that date. You will receive a personalized advice for the trip once you buy your plane ticket. You must send this data to You will also receive advice about lodging the days before and after the event if required.


It will be necessary to get the 7-day Japan Rail Pass, ordinary type, on sale at various tourist agencies in each country and that can only be acquired abroad. In this way, we can get on many means of transportation in Japan only by showing that pass: bullet trains, normal trains, buses, ferries and others. Mexicans can get it directly at México-Kanko Agency (Paseo de La Reforma No.393 1er. Piso, Col. Cuauhtémoc C.P. 06500 México, D.F. Tels. (01 55) 5533 5052 al 54 mail:, they send it by mail or get it through the internet at and they send it also a day after purchasing. This pass is activated once we are in Japan, you will activate it along with the rest of the group so that there will be no problem about the term.


We will travel a lot by train, up and down stairs, so you have to carry little baggage, preferably one that is comfortable to carry. We let you know there will be washing machines and dryers in the accommodation where we will stay, consider this when planning how much clothing to take.


The lodging will consist of hostels in shared rooms, already visited previously by Venerable, all very clean, neat and economic, even some of them old-Japanese style (Ryokan).


Thanks for feeling the call to this magical experience!




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